Best running shoes for women with flat feet


If you need flat feet shoes for running so it is not easy for those women who are not aware of it. The shoes have flat feet are always give an extra arch support and you can find your all requirements in ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19 running shoes. The reason behind that is it is light weighted and especially made for those women who want more support in their toes. It is breathable shoes and has four-way stretch that provides better feeling. It also provides durability and pressures those areas in your feet that want support and increase the fit and feel qualities.

These shoes provide you better arch support and your feel comfortable after wearing it. These shoes provide comfort and it fits your feet properly as well as prevent from the injuries at the time of running. So, it is called the best running shoes for women with flat feet.


ASICS Women’s Gel- Kayano 19 has several features that give you a comfort level and you can wear these shoes anytime if you are running or walking. There are some features out of them

  • It is a man-made shoe and has rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning systems.
  • It has midsole foam of duomax dual density.
  • These shoes have removable insole. It is also known as a sock liner. It is removable foam that inserts inside the foot and adjusts according to your feet.
  • These ASICS shoes have synthetic upper and also has rubber sole.
  • It provides stability and you are very comfortable after wearing ASICS shoes. The arch type is medium and due to it’s, they support well of your toes. Its weight is approx 8.9 oz.


Reviewed and was rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from the 280 customer reviews.


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Advantages of ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19 Running shoes:-

If you are wearing high heel shoes and the height of your shoes is approx three inches and start running. After few minutes, you feel pain in your toes and you are not able to stand along with this high heel shoes. So, the flat feet shoes prevent you from the pain and you can easily run with ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19 running shoes. If you are using these kind of shoes so your feet always keep healthy and you will not struggling from the feet pain.

Price of  Best running shoe for women with flat feet

The price of these shoes start from 144.95 dollar to 249.99 dollar and you can buy this kind of shoe easily. The prize is varying according to the size of shoes. If you want the best ASICS shoes so search on web also and get your best ASICS shoes at your home. These shoes are high standard shoes so it price are also high.



Best running shoes for women with flat feet – Have many color for choose

How to use it best?

You can use ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano shoes best through running because if you run by wearing these shoes so you can check its comfort.  Many people use this shoe according to their needs. So, it depends on the requirements.

Who this product is best for?

Anyone can wear this flat feet shoes those have a problem in knee and toes. Especially, these shoes are made for women. So, by wearing these shoes they feel comfortable and relax. Not only old age people, youngsters also use these shoes for winning the competitions.

What people talking about the best running shoes for women with flat feet?

People like ASICS omen’s Gel-kayano 19 running shoes very much because it is very comfortable and prevent from the severe pain of toes and knees.

Some customer reviews:

By Northern Angel

“Like running on pillows compared to my last shoes, fit really well and have great support for my flat feet and over pronation. Great colour too, the best of the 4 choices!”

By K.

“Worth every penny. These shoes have great cushioning and are great for a flat arch. The colors are also bright and stylish. I usually buy cheaper workout sneakers but these are well worth the cost. They eliminated the leg and foot pain I used to get from running more than a few times a week. I can run everyday in these shoes with no issues.”


These are the best running shoes for women with flat feet because it is very relaxed and you can easily run by wearing these shoes.

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